Monday, June 22, 2009

home fun

I had a great weekend!

friday: KC Gene's annual mukai movie marathon and the equalizers show
every year KC Gene has a movie marathon party with lotsa cool people from HS. It was awesome to see and talk to everyone. My former science teacher, Ken Mukai always goes and it was nice to catch up with him too. I was supprised to see my middle school algebra teacher there too with her new baby. After the party we headed out to a Jazz bar in Sherman Oaks to see the Equalizers play. Theyre my favorite reggae band :). The band is made up of a bunch of awesome people from HS. The bar was FILLED with friends I havent seen in years. I caught up with all "my boys" from back in the day. drank some blue moon. talked to "chekov" for a little bit too. went across the street to ralphs and bumped into jeremy neswald and jake and friends. hung out for a little bit. ate pickles. mmm.
sabado: fui al un casamiento con rosa a su evangelical iglesia en palmdale. it was awesome. la iglesia is made up of people from el salvador, guatamala, honduras, y mexico. everything es en espanol. i was introduced as un judeo hehe :). todos son como un familia. llama eachother hermano/hermana then their nombre. cuando llega todos son cantando y clapping sus manos to the music of the band. between songs some dude blew a shofar, which i always creia que only Judeos use. then the casamiento fui. nothing too diff from the usual american wedding. then there was food. it was yummy. everyone said dios de la vandiga to eachother.
sunday: fathers day. dad and i went on a flying lesson! i was a passenger and dad learned to fly a plane. we flew from van nuys airport west out near our house and then down toward calabasas. saw the park we later went to. it was pretty awesome. then on the way home we stopped at another park and saw model RC airplanes that people built and were waiting to fly. pretty neat! then we went home, picked up mom and grandma, and went to the park that we flew over where they had a big band concert. we got good seats. it was nice.


  1. is "chekov" who i think it is? i'm so jealous. also, flying is pretty badass.

  2. i may be replying about a year late but ya- the dude that plays him in the movie who went to my hs.