Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Associations to locations

Classical conditioning. Thankfully, I'm not regressing to the max and drinking out of a baby bottle again (or should i say again again (ok, ok. again again again -apple juice tastes better out of a bottle (AHH NESTED PARENTHESIS!!!))) but instead just feeling better about life. I recently moved from Cambridge, MA (MIT) to Tarzana, CA (parents house/home). In Tammyland (my reality), Boston has stressful associations and LA has very lax associations. I'm recovering from 4 years in a place many refer to as hell- MIT. I'm letting delta time (currenly moving at 1sec/sec) bring perspective (at a rate of foo perspective/sec), and delta space (which changed suddenly when i flew here and is no longer changing much) bring different context. context really makes a difference. perspective will take a while longer.
I have plans to pimp my ride (a 1985 Toyota) and remodel my room (modeled after the Korbin Dallas suite in the 5th element). There should be more on that later.
Yesterday I went to my friend's house for a firefly marathon. it was a fun time. we ate ultimate pancakes - mine had bananas, chocolate chips and dulce de leche? (or something similar) chips. it was yummytastic. Sunday is the creator of the show's, Joss Whedon's, birthday. To celebrate, various theatres around the world are showing Serenity. Money goes to charity :). We have plans to dress up. I think I'll be Kaylee.


  1. yay, blogging! sometimes you convince me that when i die and go to heaven it will be like la.

  2. haha - heaven is a place with firefly marathons and rivers flowing with marijuana and gold. i think most of the gold is gone after the gold rush though.

  3. They were butterscotch chips :-)

  4. wow- none of those plans were accomplished! haha, i must have left my motivation in boston